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Where to buy DBS Pipe

DBS Pipe

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast I am sure you are up for changing your stock pipe to a after market power pipe. There are several locally made power pipe brands in the Philippines such as 4N, HGM, TENCUT, ECS and many more. But if you want something different or imported then DBS pipe would be one of your good Choices. As of today, DBS pipe price is around 7,000php but be careful of buying DBS pipe as there are lots of imitation in the market. Based from a motorcycle enthusiasts website that I joined, it is easy to distinguish the authentic from the imitation just by looking the appearance. Usually, authentic DBS pipe has a very good appearance, the elbow is nicely made and it is TIG weld.

Basically DBS products are made from Thailand so it is obviously expensive compare to locally made power pipe. If you are interested for DBS Pipe, you can check different motorcycle parts shops around 10th Ave Caloocan. That place is known for shops that sells authentic locally and imported motorcycle parts and accessories.

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