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Where to buy Beauche International Beauty Products

Beauche International Beauty Products

your wellness and beauty products
our products:
1beauche set-P750.00
Pimples, Acne, Pigmentation, Discoloration, Oily Face,Open Pores,Old skin, Black & white heads
Eliminate wrinkles, pimples, firm skin and has natural pink glow on face no need to put blush on.

1. Beauty bar/kojic soap 90g -eliminates pimples, wrinlkes, skin pigmentation, white & black heads, it store’s skin elasticity and suppleness when exposed to wints:d and sun UV rays.

2. Gluta Soap 90g – a whitening brand compound with gluthathione and Vitamin C, water soluble supplements which are good in detexifying and protecting the skin againts harmful chemicals.

3.Skin Toner 60ml – cleanses face with all kinds of surface dirt collected during the day.It helps stimulate the skin after cleansing and help maintain a protective acidic coating on the skin, which is a natural combatant to germs such as bacteria.

4. Clarifying Lotion 60ml – It is a deep cleansing agent with Vitamin A and has tightening effect on your face, leaving your skin smoother, firmer, and more finely-textured restoring the vitality of the skin.

5.Exfoliating Cream 10g – Completely eliminates blemishes, reduces age spots, rashes and peels off old skin. Make your face radiant looking.

6. Rejuvinating Cream – Helps lighten the skin and eliminate blemishes,improve the skin’s stability to remain young and glowing.

7.Age Eraser Cream -gives natural pink glow on face, makes looks younger,healthier and fresher. Contain SPF that protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

buy 5 sets free 1 set- P3,750
buy 10sets free 3sets -P7,500
plus shipping charge to other country

Payments Mode:
Cash/Western Union

CALL US: (632)514-1267/384-8078/385-5949
MOBILE: 0917-8243642/0930-1226868

  1. grace patricio
    grace patricioMar 15, 2012

    hi,i’m base here in san diego california….how much is the shipping cost if i buy 5 sets + free. or 10 sets + free?…can u send the details…thanks!!!

  2. teresa rosas
    teresa rosasApr 30, 2012

    how much is the cost, per set.

  3. Jenny Watts
    Jenny WattsJul 16, 2012


    I lived in Washington State and i would like to purchase just a set just to try on if its really works for me, if its work then i will purchased bulk next time. My sister who is basd in Kuwait is really interested in joining your team so she can sell them too.

    Could you pls tell me the shipping cost for 1 set and maybe 5 whitening soap bar.

    Thank you and more power to your business.


  4. Normilah Acampong
    Normilah AcampongApr 30, 2013

    I want to be a member, i am living in Saudi Arabia, i already use this and i have many friend who wants to buy too.. pls. let me know ASAP! how become a member and how to order and payments? thanx

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