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  • Yoshimura Pipe

    Where to buy Yoshimura Pipe

    Yoshimura is a well known power pipe made in Japan. So having an exclusive dealer in the Philippines is a good news for motorcycle enthusiasts in the country. They offer different power pipes for different displacements so you can choose which one is best for …

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  • DBS Pipe

    Where to buy DBS Pipe

    If you are a motorcycle enthusiast I am sure you are up for changing your stock pipe to a after market power pipe. There are several locally made power pipe brands in the Philippines such as 4N, HGM, TENCUT, ECS and many more. But if …

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  • Chicken Pipe

    Where to buy Chicken Pipe

    Chicken pipe is one of the popular pipes in the Philippines. There are numbers of users who installed this pipe on their bike commonly Yamaha MIO. The appearance of this pipe is very similar to stock pipe but with promising performance according to its numerous …

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  • Tencut Pipe

    Where to buy Tencut Pipe with Map

    Tencut pipe is one of the popular and locally made power pipes in the Philippines, again in Baliuag, Bulacan. There are rumors that the owner of Tencut pipe was previously a crew of 4N or HGM but this is not yet confirmed. If you check …

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  • HGM Pipe

    Where to buy HGM Pipe with Map

    HGM Pipe is one of the popular power pipes in the Philippines. Their shop is located in Subic, Baliuag, Bulacan. HGM is the initials of the owner Henry G. Mangulabnan a.k.a ‘Hapon’. When I upgraded my Yamaha Sniper pipe two years ago, HGM pipe is …

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